Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome to the New Home of the Maui Artists Showcase: V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media INK

I have long known that the only way our world will ever get past its hurdles and challenges is through divine intelligence and the love/passion of creative people. I am not only speaking of "artists" however, but also the artist at heart and in each of us (somewhere hiding perhaps), that will (IMHO) help turn the tides of social change, as well as the simple fact that dissatisfaction breeds innovation.

But before we can manifest anything on Earth, somebody has had to of communicated an idea in such a way, as to make it visible, understandable and manufacturable. That is, they either wrote something or drew something to get what was on their mind... out!

We at Creativity Cafe believe in the positive power of creativity - not only communicating new ideas and beauty, but also for healing our hearts, minds and souls, problem solving and for out of the box edutainments designed to bring peaceful resolve to personal, local and global community conflict.

On the road to the vision of Creativity Cafe, I thought I would facilitate the expression of creative people -- not only to meet kindred spirits and make new friends, but to find collaboration partners, especially those free thinking souls, seasoned business personalities and other souls who've been born on Earth to make a difference.

Think of Creativity Cafe as a collaboratorium and mentoring center. Wouldn't it be great to have a venue anywhere you travel where the local denizen want to be of service to you? A clubhouse filled with people whom it pleases to assist with your happiness, health and success... people who are willing to take action on your behalf, if they see a way to fill your need. This is Pronoia! and what is at the very heart of Creativity Cafe and fellow consortium members.

I offer V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink; Visionary Artists Showcase and Networking Event up to you as a first come first presented soap box for sharing your creative spark and interacting with a live audience in this "LIVING GALLERY" event and core Creativity Cafe technology.

We hope you will subscribe to this blog and by doing so, join our efforts to create a venue specifically to nurture creative spirit in all of us.

By subscribing to this blog, you will also secure your space on the big screen for the taping our showcases at the studios of Akaku, Maui Community Television. We are broadcasting from there this Friday, as a special service to our creative community.

Participate via chat in discussion on the ramifications of personal broadcasting (on the Internet) and how that will assist with the age old plight of the creative personality, doing business: i.e. marketing, promotion and expanding one's ego (branding) so it rises above the noise floor (which is also a role Creativity Cafe is designed for).

Have a great day!

Chromatically Yours,

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