Thursday, June 26, 2008


  1. Secure public venue(s)
  2. Design and produce first stage promotion and marketing materials, posters, counter cards, etc.
  3. Secure artists - projection materials, venue agreement(s)
  4. Write press release - pre show
  5. QUERY past players for NEXT participation
  6. Plant seeds to acquire new global participants via the net
  7. Refresh VMI Web Sites with artist materials, links, PR, announcements, graphics
  8. Promote event on the Web in calendar listings, news groups, other groups, mailing lists, etc.
  9. Promote event locally via paper and press releases
  10. Acquire sponsors, Local, National, International
  11. Identify and Seek Funding consisting of grants, foundations, etc. (Tithe 10% back to V.A.R.I.O.U.S., 10% to funding finder)
  12. Design and produce 2nd stage PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS for local gathering:
  13. Co-producers: Please lift anything (graphics and words) off the Creativity Cafe Maui Artists Showcase- VMI web sites to support your local PR efforts.
  14. Seek and recruit volunteers; local production team, PR folks, fund raising expert, secure local Venue MC-host and team,volunteer coordinator, PR person, etc.
  15. Arrange for local press coverage. Send release and photo (available at
  16. Cooperate with principal local public venue(s) & sponsor(s) for promotional consideration
  17. Test Venue for Internet Access, test Video Conference site (USTREAM) and other VMI Inter-activites at public venue
  18. Assist technology coordinators a participating venue to become familiar with our broadcast technology to participate in future shows at other venues
  19. Contact V.A.R.I.O.U.S. for particulars, i.e. boilerplate, agreement forms, releases, etc.
  20. Overcome technical challenges (A/V computer tech through local venue (Machine config) and network (if a school or library is venue) test, test, test
  21. Maintain and update VMI-MAS Web sites; pre-event, post event
  22. Write proposals for VMI to be part of suitable conferences and trade shows
  23. Write proposals for VMI to be considered for potential funding sources
  24. Write proposals for local (art) school participation (see separate basic requirements)
  25. Maintain Mailing List of opt-in blog (here)
  26. Communicate with past, present and future players, venue operators, press, sponsors, etc,
  27. Write thank you letters
  28. Acquire needed resources (video camera, audio input with mic for host and talent, etc.)
  29. Find and schedule local celebrity artists,etc, wtih global
  30. Answer email suggesting alliances for future expansion, collaborations
  31. Find time to earn a living and have a life beyond the project (grin) until it sustains staff
  32. Continue to meet with potential investors and partners interested in Creativity Cafe/physical
  33. Manage personal physical and emotional health challenges in light of the above being on one persons shoulders (at this point)
  34. Post production: video documentation: screen captures, photographic documentation, online documentation, etc.
  35. Publish to show page and increment number of broadcast (we are at #205 productions as of this writing)
  36. Revise MAS-VMI pages to point to post-project public documentation for ongoing enjoyment/edification
  37. Heal from production experience of one person wearing too many hats and operating with no budget or staff.
  38. Write assessment (for grants given)
  39. Write post event press release
  40. Do all again for next time out



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