Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Drama Obama - New President

Its a rainbow day for the world in that we have a president with SOUL! and with enough sensitivity to have his karma be cool to be surrounded by women (his wife and kids). Enjoy this!

Have you seen the gift God gave me on Christmas Day? on TwitPic

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hypnotic Jazz Ensamble in NYC

I really liked their music and bought a CD while visiting (on 9.25.07) the spot where I had been two weeks after 9.11.01. On that day I had been in Boca Raton FLA visiting my Dad in the recovery hospital. He had almost died after a heart attack. Only to witness an attack of a different kind. He finally passed six years later on Aug 14, 2007, just four months and a day shy of his 90th birthday.

I really like their music. Do you? Maybe they made it to the Internet (or at least now they did!)?

Here you can find a larger file for you to download!

The music was recorded with my iPod using the Trip iPod recorder. The image is actually two images put together in photoshop, and imported and married to the AIFF stereo file by opening that in Apple Quicktime, using Quicktime to open the jpeg and exporting as an MPEG 4 file at 256mb bandwidth to shrink what was a very large file (7.6MB). The music has been squashed to data rate of 256 kbps, with output sample rate of 16kHz. The "video" was encoded using H.264.