Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Navigating the Crossroads of Old and New Electronics

Thanks to the red bull competition (#rbcreation ), I have dived full force into the world of microcomputers and incumbent electronics.

I had been playing a bit with Arduino, a microcomputer of Many shapes and forms, and now with the addition of the TurBull Encabulator, I am saturated with learning curves (I'm not so sure I am ready for; writing code and making circuits using the Arduino programming environment, to make lights light up [ ], buzzers buzz and employing various ways to sense and respond the world around us.

I'm using the various sensors that came with the Arduino Experimenters Kit I received from along with other parts from, two of the main suppliers of hobbyist electronics.

I must share my Dear Mom collects things and now I realize I do too. AS A LIGHT PAINTER, I am addicted to all things RGB.

Case in point last night was techno-Tuesday. Matt and Lorraine came over which led to the following pictures

We made some great images [LINK] and performed awesome experiments in light painting...using a single strip of LEDs mounted on the rotating ceiling fan [LINK].

I had been thinking motor but now our thinking has shifted to maybe using a mounted bicycle wheel. So that's our next project...making that Wheel Controller, happen with incumbent sensors and electronics; for the RedBull competition. Judging comes in June after submissions due May 5 only 10 days away are created on video.

Matt came up with a great idea of using first Friday in Wailuku, to videotape our submission in real life with people interacting with it!

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