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Fwd: Digital Performance Institute

This could use your input. 
I called Liz immediately since her project sounds so much like Creativity CAFE. I am hoping for collaborative adventure. 

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Hello all:

It's been a bit since we've communicated with you (collective you!).

 A lot has changed since we began DPI -- technologies have changed -- the economy has changed -- oh boy, has it!  Our stock of equipment that we loaned out is woefully obsolete, and we no longer have the same space to make available for rehearsal.  We're working to renew the assets we have to offer DPI project, but first we thought we'd ask the DPI community what you need and what you're interested in.  

There are a bunch of relevant questions.  For example, the cutting edge in technology continues to shift.  Projectors are virtually a commodity.  Consumer-based technologies that are hooked to the internet are everywhere -- from the iPad to Android and the Kinect.  Mobile apps are ubiquitous.  Mobile and virtual projects are now extremely possible.  Where does performance happen?  

 Society is changing.  What are we making art about now?  What is the relationship of the arts to the community?  The economy is affecting the arts, jobs are scarce and we're struggling with basic systems like education and healthcare.  Are these subjects for art and artists?

 Before we figure out this year's strategy and program, we to speak to you all about those changes -- how you're responding.  What technologies are you thinking about.  What themes are you exploring.  If we're going to continue to assemble resources support experimentation, what direction should we take?  

If you've got some time to jot down some thoughts, please send them on.  We're also going to convene a series of discussions at one of our new offices in midtown -- 488 Madison Avenue, 19th floor.  The first will be Tuesday January 25th at 5:30.  If you'd like to come, please let us know!

Come and make your opinion known!

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Liz Dreyer, Executive Director


Liz Dreyer, Executive Director


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